“Ideas are not the endangered species of business today. ACTIONS ARE!”

HOW DOES INSPIRED & EFFECTIVE BUSINESS SUCCESS ACTION HAPPEN? By LOVING ourselves, being aware of our own limiting beliefs >>> changing our thoughts!


I think it is super important that entrepreneurs talk about the behind the scenes of their big leaps, not just about the GLORY but also about the sh** part, sharing their nakedly honest brain & heart, wins and pains. This way other people feel valuable, not so alone or misunderstood. Human2Human.

This is why I’m sending out my newsletter called LENJA’S LOVE LETTER where I share my entrepreneurial world nakedly honest. Why? So you will feel like a unique amazing human again and not like an ALIEN, who is going though everything alone! 
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August 2018

  • Sitting in the garden, journaling, reading “Judgement Detox” by Gabby Bernstein
  • Working on my “million dollar” new project “I MATTER MOVEMENT” with my beautiful designer Kristina Smodila.
  • Proudly and lovingly witnessing the transformation of my 13 diamond GIANTS in the mastermind “THE UNSTOPPABLE GIANT”- a 3 month extremely unconventional business and marketing mastermind for Changer Makers.
  • Proudly and lovingly witnessing the transformation of my 13 Mompreneurs in my “NEW ME NOW” movement for mompreneurs. You are welcome to join: it is a monthly fee of 33 EUR (until the end of August and 43 starting with September)! Ask my irena@lenjafaraguna.com how to join!
  • Sleeping more than ever.
  • Being an active “student” in a yearly Business Mastermind with the coach I wanted to work with for 2 years and I made it happen. She is one of the 50 most successful business women<<
  • Living in a tiny village (274 people), in my grandparent’s summer house, where I loved spending my summers. People questioned my sanity when Miran and I moved here but the peace here, the greenery and the 13th century castle up the hill is a view which reminds me of Don Quixote’s quest of “Following my dreams!”
  • Self-loving.
  • Retiring! Not me! My 3 online programmes about modern marketing and copywriting!
    You can get them for 399 EUR, instead of 2.2.75 EUR here www.ilovemarcareting.com
    Why such a price reduction? We are re-branding all my stuff because my mind got a big re-brand in this one epic year 😉


Send me an email to lenja@lenjafaraguna.com and say HI:

– Tell me why you do what you do? What are you working on now which excites the living heaven out of you!

But please, don’t ask me questions about your business or your marketing because I can not answer that. For that go search my FB page Lenja Faraguna and find your answer in one of more that 222 FB live videos I have done in the past year about new marketing, advertising, mindset, money blocks etc. or my Instagram account.

Can’t wait to meet you Worldchanger.


WATCH MY WHOLE KEYNOTE at “BRAND MINDS summit – Bucharest – May 22nd 2017 for 900 WorldChangers!

Sharing the stage with Gary Vaynerchuk, Funky Business Guys – Kjell Nordstrom and Jonas Ridderstrale, Julian Treasure & Robert Murray. I quoted those guys in my masters degree 8 years ago and now I share the stage with them. Yp, everything is fucking possible my dears, everything.


The stage is my home.
6 or 900 people, they get all of me. My naked truth, about my shit turning into fertiliser turning into glory for myself and my clients.
Caution: I use the word Fuck. Sometimes more. Sometimes less.

I speak on these subjects: 
1. The future of marketing? Marketing re-branded into marCAREting (the most unconventional, revolutionary form of modern marketing).
2. Put radio back on the red carpet!
3. Copywriting workshop – Heart2Money writing techniques.

You pay for my brain, you get the heart for free: 8.000 EUR .
I always travel with my family, as my little boy is still very little. You get three for the price of one.

When students invite me, I speak for free.
 Not universities but students. That was promise to me 10 years when I started, because someone got me into every radio conference I asked for as a student of Radio Marketing (Advertising) and this chaanged my life. So, if you are a student representing a student association, send an email to my project manager Irena Kahne at irena@lenjafaraguna.com at least 3 months before the actual event.


Self-care is the CORE of effective modern marketing and success in general.

This is how I do it.
How do you do it? 

1. Saying NO to an interview for a newspaper whose values are not aligned with mine
2. Speaking about my coaching prices publicly
3. Hiring a nanny for Noa
4. Having a coach
5. Being part of an international mastermind
6. Taking a nap in the middle of the day
7. Buying a new phone
8. Buying a new laptop
9. Visiting my best friend Irena
10. Setting boundaries for my clients
11. Selling without shame.
12. Being vulnerable publicly.
13. Not judging my thoughts but loving them and then letting them go if they don’t make me feel good
14. Being aware of my thoughts but not believing they are always true
15. Creating a Pinterest board called “Lenja’s life map 2018″
16. Dancing salsa
17. Not washing my hair at home for the past 7 years, going to the hairdresser to pamper myself
18. Having a photoshoot for myself with the photographer and make up artist driving to meet me by the sea
19. Sending a CEO of a billion dollar company a FB message to ask him how I can give value to him as a HUMAN in exchange for time spent with him and him replying in an hour that he would love to meet me in May.
20. Sending a newsletter to tell people to unsubscribe if they do not find value in my content
21. Hair-removal at Sara’s
22. Booking luxury hotels
23. Handling difficult life situations with other people without hatred and deadly judgment of them
24. Not answering a phone when I don’t feel like it
25. Asking to receive an orgasm when I feel like it
26. Deciding on new projects by “Does this make me feel good”?
27. Opening myself to receiving more financial abundance that has ever been in my family
28. Massage
29. Not wearing contact lenses but wearing glasses
30. Not having a TV for the past 14 years
31. Not drinking Coke for the past 14 years
32. Not hanging around people who are bad listeners
33. Being my own boss
34. Having a beautiful project manager
35. Buying little cute DIY things as envelopes, stickers, papers, etc.
36. Buying the interior design magazine “Art et Decoration and Brava Casa”
37. Eating caramel Oreo-cookie ice cream from McDonalds
38. Weekend with 5 girlfriends on Pag every October
39. Buying books at bookdepository.co.uk without delivery costs
40. Going to IKEA.
41. Getting a tattoo
42. Deleting people from FB
43. Unsubscribing from newsletters
44. Listening to Xavier Naidoo’s song “Bitte hör nicht auf zu Traumen” in a loop
45. Doing Zoom audio calls instead of video calls
46. Highlighting aha sentences/paragraphs directly in the books I read
47. Praising myself publicly
48. Sharing an interview with me on my FB page
49. Saying NO to work a project by a company which would have been my dream 5 years ago
50. Changing my mind by making a different decision from the original one
51. Having a fight with Miran to stand my ground yet still keeping an open mind and heart for his perspective
52. Following my gut feeling to travel 700km the whole night for a 1.5 hour meeting which changed my life
53. Taking a selfie
54. Trusting myself I can do it
55. Saying No to a potential client who would like to work with me but I do not feel we are a fit
56. Not giving advice to people who don’t ask for it
57. Being fully present with my son Noa and just diving into his beautiful being
58. Buying tulips for myself in Hofer
59. Delegate
60. Buying the Happy Buddha shower cream from Rituals
61. Listening to my body’s pain
62. Not taking pills but healing with thoughts and natural remedies
63. Crying
64. Telling the chef at a restaurant the food was awful – in the most respectful way possible
65. Not giving discounts when asked for one
66. Resting
67. Saying NO without explanation (still learning!)
68. Writing whatever I want in my newsletters
69. Not going on vacation with another family for more than 2 days
70. Saying “fuck” when I feel like it.< 71. Ordering room service. 72. Speaking on stage.

I will be waiting for your comments as they mean the world to me. Cheers. Lenja